Features Highlight

Active Organization Chart

Powerful CV Search & Comparison Engine

Multilingual Tools Ready

Information Transparency to Ease Audit & Computation

Rule Based Policy for Automation Process Control

Support Single Sign-On & Multi Factors Authentication

Training Video Ready

Easy & Powerful
End User BI reporting

Interactive Management Dashboard

Integration Ready

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We are a provider of innovative and leading Human Resource solutions and services that is engineered to give your organization the competitive edge.

Empowering Management

Easy and sophisticated reporting for management on the go without IT complexities. Report on the go lets you view your organization in new and insightful perspective.

Effective Process Controls

Approvals and monitory controls are necessary but often deemed as inconvenient for on-the-go managers. Using PeopleESS, these managers are notified through email of pending tasks like claims, overtime, leave approvals or absenteeism. These alerts are fully configurable into the system and supports single as well as multi-level authorization, sequentially or in-parallel.

Enabling Scrupulous Standards

Providing a personalized dashboard where information for staff to easily self-query is a vital step in managing expectations and understanding HR policies. Many employee issues can be avoided by transparently disseminating and making timely information available.

Efficient Simple,

The system is built for HR staff by HR specialist on the state-of-the-art development platforms like MS-SQL and Microsoft .NET. The modular architecture makes the system scalable. It lets you choose only the required modules and provide the interface for future growth. The functionalities are designed to improve HR processes, including manage complex work shifts, generate payroll accurately and provide point-in-time sensitive reporting.

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