Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Today, we would like to talk about, other than employees, there is another groups of people we should not overlook, they are Visitors and Contractors, who frequently visit our premise.

Many organization still using manual process to record their visitors’ information during the visit and the tedious manual process is unable to do tracking and provide data analytics due to improper management or unavoidable human carelessness. Importantly, the manual process is not hygiene because items sharing (example Pen) is still required for doing the recording.

Therefore, vData is taking initiative to build up a “
Safety Workplace 2.0 for Visitors/Contractors/Employees” for organization to ease their tedious works on visitor management and minimize the infection risks while battling the covid pandemic.

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  • ✔ Black List Filtering Managment 
  • ✔ Eliminate manual visitor form process 
  • ✔ Safety Briefing Managmenet System
  • ✔ Visit Limit Control for Courier/Food Delivery Company 
  •  Real-time Business Analytics

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